Meet Billy, Our Koala

Our collection is a limited mint of 8,888 hand drawn, curated, cuddly Koalas. We aimed to donate 20% of all sales to Koala friendly charities. However, our project contract was compromised, and the funds have been stolen.

As originally planned, 50% of the royalties received by Kuddly Koalas will perpetually be donated to charity.

Total Supply
8,888 Kuddly Koalas

You must own a Koala to remint in V2 contract

koala on a treeSOLD OUT


So far, over 1700 koalas have returned on V2, including the 1/1 Upside-down koala, 1/1 Golden koala, and 6 out of the 10 exclusive Gummy koalas.
Holders of the original koalas will always be welcome to remint the exact same ones on the new contract.


Because of the advent of changing climate, bushfires and poor decisions have resulted in shrinking areas of Koala habitation. To give these adorable animals a chance at brighter future, we are donating a portion of our sales spread among the designated Koala conservation charities listed below.

*We are not officially sponsored by or associated with the above organisations.
50% of royalties from OpenSea will perpetually be donated to charity.

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